Applications - 1200 Data Logger

The 1200 series data logger can be used with a variety of different sensors. Sensor connectors for almost any sensors can be used and are factory configured to meet your requirements. Many applications require a combination of sensors to be configured for measuring different process elements such as distance, pressure, humidity, flow, load and temperature. The flexibility of the 1200 series data logger with local monitoring (RS232 and USB) and optional remote monitoring (Network and RS485) enable this product to meet many diverse data logging applications. Some examples of uses for this product are listed below.

Laboratory Testing.

This product is used extensively in soil testing laboratories and is configured with standard 5 pin din "industry standard" connectors for this application.

Food Industry.

With the introduction of HACCP and food safety legislation the 1200 data logger is used accurately and reliably to monitor process temperatures. Configurations using both thermocouples and PRT sensors are common.

Heavy Industry.

The flexibility of configuration enables the use of the 1200 series data loggers in a wide range of process monitoring applications from raw material manufacture to high tech. industries.

Specialists in Measurement Instrumentation