FAQ's - 1200 Data Logger

1. What sensors can I use the 1200 series data logger?
Sensors such as thermocouples, pressure or load cells, strain gauges. We normally custom configure this instrument to your exact sensor requirements. Please note that all sensor connectors are on the rear panel of the instrument. Plus New Mitutoyo Digital Gauge inputs.

2. What do I get when I purchase a 1200 series data logger?
The 1200 series data logger unit configured to your application, ready to accept your sensors, complete software package, power and computer communication lead as standard.

3. Do I need anything else to complete a data logging system?
The 1200 series data loggers are supplied as a complete package and only require the user to supply the sensors and business computer for there application. Please note that the 1200 series data loggers do not require a permanent computer for operation( as local control is available via the keypad and display) but can be fully controlled when connected to a computer.

4. What specification of computer is required?
Any business computer running Microsoft Windows™ Me, NT, 2000 , XP or Vista with standard RS232 support. USB support only on Me, 2000 and XP operating systems. As a general guide if your business machine is less than three years old it will almost certainly be compatible.

5. How can I connect the data logger to my computer?
The 1200 series dataloggers have stanard RS232 (DB9 connector) and standard USB available. Options for fitting a standard network conection or RS485 for more remote operation are also available.Top

6. Why use a 24 bit AD converter?
Many competitors use only a 12bit AD converter or less. This will resolve +-2048 digits for full range of any sensor. Using a 24 bit convertor and reducing to 16 bits still resolves +-32768 which is many more times resolution than most sensors. This means that we can get 0.1 resolution over the full range of most sensor inputs with greater stability whilst competitors can only get this resolution over much smaller ranges.

7. How fast can I record data?
All  4 to 32 sensor channels can be recorded in 0.1 second increments from one second to 12 hours. Each channel has an independent timebase. Just select the increment(s) required and run. Note that other timebases are available upon request.

8. How many readings can I take?
The 1200 series data loggers can store 1000 sets of data in internal non-volatile memory as standard. ie 1000 readings per channel. Additional flash memory available as optional extra.

9. Can I use different Sensors in each Channel?
You can configure each of the input channels to any sensor calibration independently. Standard calibrations are available for easier setup.

10. How secure is my data?
All recorded data is stored in FRAM. Permanent storage without the need of battery backup.
Note - Many of our competitors products use battery backed RAM. If the battery goes, so does your data.

11. Can I export the data and in what format?
You can export your data to CSV (comma separated variable) which can easily be imported into almost any analysis application. Format layout information is supplied. Also available are direct exporting functions into Microsoft Excel™. More details can be found in the software section for this product.

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