Software - 1200 Data Logger

The 1200 data logger is supplied with a comprehensive communication, setup and data logging software package. Packed with many powerful features running from an easy to use graphical interface. This software is designed to run on a computer with Microsoft Windows™ operating systems Me, 2000 or XP. Just insert the program CD into your business computer and follow the automated installation procedure to be ready to run in minutes. Use the links below or scroll down to discover more.

Main Display
Normally the software will be left running on the users computer with the main display shown (please note that the 1200 data loggers do not require the software to operate). The main display user interface enables complete control of the 1200 data logger. Status of all (8 or 16) channels is shown along with customer configured information such as units to be measured, sensor information and test allocation. Annunciate and alarms are also visible.

Key Features:
Complete Control via user interface.
Status of all channels visible.
High and low alarm indicators shown in red and blue respectively for individual channels.
Channel Control Indicator.
Graphical Options
Various data display methods are available. These can display saved and/or downloaded data from the logger or display "real time" data depending on the mode of operation required. The two most common display modes for analysis of data are the graphical and chart recorder display's. The graphical display details a single data set. Auto scale or manual scale options are available. Alternatively the chart recorder display can compare any four channels of data. This data can be any combination of live or stored data depending on the mode of operation. Please note that either can be printed to your standard Windows printer. Illustrated below are the graphical and chart recorder display screens:
All graphical displays can be printed to your standard Windows printer. Alternatively, stored data can be printed in a tabular format. This is particularly useful when using the powerful test mode feature incorporated within the software. Illustrated to the side is a typical example of a test data set printed in tabular format:
Note that a test data set comprises of any number of channels grouped together as one set. Please enquire for more details.
The standard software has powerful export features enabling the user to export any stored or live data. A simple CSV (comma separated variable) format is probably the easiest and most flexible option.This data can then be imported into almost any other package. A standard template export function simplifies data exporting into Microsoft Excel™ with one easy step. When using the test function, (which enables any combination of channels to be linked a test set), the user can configure all data to be inputted into any specific template they have generated. This is ideal for quick and repeatable analysis especially if complex calculations or customer unique formats are required.
Illustrated to the side is the Test Set and Excel setup page for a 16 channel system. Each data element can be assigned an excel template location. ie 1A14 would be sheet 1, column A, row 14. This location data can be saved in template overlay files to enable different Excel template files to be used easily and repeatably. When exporting the user will be asked which template file to send the data into. Please note that archived data can also be retrieved and exported into templates.
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