Applications - 204 USB Data Logger

   The 204 USB Data logger can be used with a large variety of measurement sensors and is therefore suitable for many different data logging applications over a broad spectrum of industries. Some of the key applications are:-

1. Process Validation.
2. Temperature Mapping.
3. Chamber Validation.
4. Independent Monitoring.
6. Environmental Testing.
7. Conformance checking.
8. Low cost chart recorder replacement.

The majority of data logging applications for the 204 USB data logger involve the measurement of temperature by standard thermocouples. In built calibrations for all popular thermocouples (type J,K,T,R or N) are included. Just attach the thermocouple(s), select the type in our calibration setup in software and use to record. The 204 data logger has complete thermocouple tables included to ensure your data is as accurate as possible.

Many other sensors for position, humidity etc can be easily setup and engineering units easily displayed. We are more than happy to help you with your requirements so please do not hesitate to contact us .

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