1. What Sensors can I use with the 204 USB data logger?
Standard calibration settings for use with J,K,T,R, or N type thermocouples. +-200mV, +- 2V,+-5V and +-10V ranges are all selectable. Current output 4 to 20mA sensors can be used by fitting an external resistor. You can also scale your sensors to engineering units with ease. Also custom ranges can be calibrated.
For example:-
You have a linear sensor of 10mm.
The scale required is 10.000mm (10000 units)
The sensor roughly gives off 0 to 5V from 0 to full range.
Just select custom cal on connected input. Set zero on sensor and zero on screen. Units set to 10000, 3 decimal places. Set 10mm on sensor and press calibrated. Wait (few seconds) and device will autoscale input. Thats it! You now have a calibrated sensor.

2. Can I export the data and what in what format?
You can export your data to CSV (comma separated variable) which can easily be imported into applications. More powerful features include standard and customer configured direct Microsoft Excel template access.

3. Do I need anything else to complete the system?
A 204 USB Data Loggers is supplied as a complete package and only requires the user to supply the sensors for the specific application. We are more than happy to help in the selection of appropriate sensors to meet your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

4. What Specification of computer is required?
Any PC that as standard USB support. As a general guide if your PC is less than 5 years old it will almost certainly be compatible. We can supply a suitable computer as a complete system. Please contact for more if you require more details.

5. Can I run the system on any Windows Operating System?
Windows operating systems 98,ME,2000 XP and Vista are all compatible. Please note that windows NT does not support USB and is therefore incompatible.

FAQ's - 204 USB Data Logger
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