Connections - 400 Data Logger

Connections on the 400 bench data logger are configured to our customer's applications. This flexibility gives our customers total control on how to connect there chosen measurement sensors to the data logger. This can aid the setup and running of the measurement process as well as help ensure the sensor measurement accuracy. All connections are on the rear panel. We at Royston have many years experience and expertise in sensor configuration. We would be happy to aid you in your choice of sensors and appropriate connectors for your application. Some examples of configured 400 systems are provided below:-

Configuration for LVDT sensors requiring excitation.
Many sensors for measuring accurate distances such as LVDT's require excitation. The 400 bench logger provides +- 5 Volts excitation at 100mA per channel for use with these types of sensor and would be available to the sensor plug as required by our customer. The construction industry uses a standard 5 pin DIN plug for sensor attachment giving excitation, earth and signal connections.

Configuration for K-Type temperature thermocouple sensors.
A customer who requires the measurement of temperature with K-Type thermocouples would have the instrument supplied with the appropriate K-Type (mini or normal) thermocouple connectors. The materials used can also aid sensor temperature measurement accuracy.

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