FAQ's - 400 Data Logger

1. What Sensors can I use with the 400 bench data logger?
Sensors such as thermocouples, pressure or load cells, strain gauges. We will custom configure this instrument to your exact sensor requirements or supply with a universal screw type interface connector system for use with multiple configurations.

2. Can I export the data and what in what format?
You can export your data to CSV (comma separated variable) which can easily be imported into applications such as Microsoft Excel. Format layout information is supplied with the user handbook.

3. Do I need anything else to complete the system?
The 400 series bench data loggers are supplied with power cable, operating instructions and basic software as standard. The user is require a compatible computer with RS232 interface cable and the required sensors to complete the data logging package. Our sales and support team can help with all the necessary details.

4. What Specification of PC is required?
Any PC that as Windows 98SE,ME,2000 or XP with standard RS232 support. As a general guide if your PC is less than 5 years old it will almost certainly be compatible.

5. Can I run the software on any Windows PC operating system?
Windows operating systems 98SE,ME,NT,2000 and XP are all compatible.

6. Why use a 16bit AD converter?
Most of our competitors use a 12bit AD (analogue to digital) converter or even less. This will impact the instruments ability to resolve resolution over the sensors full input range. A 12 bit system can resolve only +-2048. Using a 16bit AD converter resolves +-32768. This means that we can get 0.1 resolution over the full range of inputs whilst competitors can only get this resolution over much smaller ranges.

7. How fast can I record data?
All 4 data channels are recorded in one second increments from one second to 12 hours and are user selectable. Each channel has independent time base control. i.e. channel 1 can be set to a data recording increment of 30 seconds, channel 2,3,4 set to 1 hour increments. Just select the increment required on each channel and record.

8. How many readings can I take?
The 400 series data loggers are supplied with a storage capacity of 4000 sets of data as standard. i.e. 4000 readings per channel, total number 16000 readings. Addition storage can be added if required. Please enquire for details.

9. Can I use different sensors in each channel?
You can configure each of the 4 channels to any sensor calibration independently. i.e. you can have J-type thermocouple in channel 1, K-type in channel 2, Custom sensor in 3 and pressure sensor in 4

10. How secure is my data?
All recorded data is stored in FRAM. Permanent storage without the need of battery backup.
Note - Many of our competitors products use battery backed RAM. If the battery goes, so does your data.

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