Our Distributed Range  
Normal data acquisition systems require measurement by a variety of sensors usually spread over a large area routed to a single instrument. Sensors would therefore have to be wired over long distances increasing cost with repeaters and often impairing sensor accuracy. The cabling costs alone can be many times more than the instrument costs. Our 900 series distributed units can be mounted locally to sensors and linked to complete a data acquisition system via simple 4 wire RS485 communications. You can link 32 units to complete a single system and expand your capacity by connecting more modules as and when you require them.

900 Analogue Input Module 8 analogue input system.

901 Digital Input Module 24 Digital input system.

902 GPS Module Global positioning system.

903 Output Module 8 Analogue output system.

904 Event Recorder Module 24 digital inputs with 8 configurable outputs.
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