In addition to the range of our own products, we also offer design services and private consulting services to companies and individuals. We have a diverse range of design engineering roles, with a business approach, design creativity and clear communication to provide companies and individuals with a unique technology consultancy service.

Expert advice to companies investigating new technology development
Expert advice to companies evaluating or supporting their technical staff
Expert advice to investors in technology projects
Technical authoring
General technology advice to the non technical

Areas of expertise
New product concept development
Electronic circuit design
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design
Embedded software design
PC software design
Communication systems design and implementation, from low level to system wide.
Testing and analysis of new electronic and embedded software designs
Technical and user documentation authoring, with an emphasis on simple understanding by non technical users whilst providing detailed technical information for technically skilled users
Producing documentation & manufacturer ready files for high and low volume product manufacture
Graphical design for technical documentation
Designing to meet the new environmental regulations

Please contact us to discuss in complete confidence any requirements you may have or be considering.

Specialists in Measurement Instrumentation